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Soldering Iron 25w WoodBurning

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Locate and identify any cable from telephone pairs, ethernet, coax or even your doorbell!
Find that ONE cable in the bundle QUICK! Did you ever have to identify the other end of that cable? Well up to now you had to ohm it out, cable by cable. Now with the Cable Wizard you can quickly identify that cable without even touching the other end! Simply connect the Wizard to the end of the cable you’re working with.
Then use the Wizard receiver to sniff out the other end of the cable, whether it’s close to you...or across an entire building. The circuit sends out a pulsating signal down the cable which is heard in the receiver when you’re close to the cable. All you have to do is hold the probe near the cable, it doesn’t get much simpler than that!
The transmitter is equipped with a standard RJ45 telco connector for standard 2,4,6 and 8 pair connectors and insulated clip-on leads. WCT20 includes both transmitter and receiver units.

Runs on a standard 9VDC battery and includes the custom case set show (transmitter and receiver).
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