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Stock Number: AHP-709-5    $1.50

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$1.50 CAD
( 5 PCS/PKG )
  • Includes RJ-45 Cat 5e and grey snagless strain relief boot
  • 5 pcs / pack
  • 8p8c RJ 45 modular plug for Cat 5e and Cat6
  • Boots prevent broken connector tabs and snagging while extending connector life
  • The boots need to be placed onto the cable before both connector ends are terminated.
  • The boots help to protect the modular plug body, especially the latch tab, from external handling damage.
  • The strain relief feature on the boots helps to maintain the cable bend radius and limits conductor movement inside of the connector that can lead to continuity failures over time.
  • Prevents broken connector tabs and snagging while extending connector life
  • Strain relief boots help to minimize cable bends that can reduce data speed and result in data loss
  • Dampens cable movement and vibrations that can result in premature connector failure
  • Sized for Cat 5e and smaller diameter Cat 6 twisted pair cables
  • boot Fits standard RJ-45 8P8C connectors
  • Install and terminate  RJ45 connector per connector instructions.
  • Slide the strain relief boot over the back of connector so connector tab is partially covered by the hood dome of the boot.
  • Strain relief Boots are reusable if cable is disassembled.