Part No: EBMOT-200
Stock No: 6099-ZG1
SKU No:204864
Stock Number: 6099-ZG1    $24.95

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$24.95 CAD
This you don't need. That's what I thought too-until I tried hooking 3 or 4 kit boards together, via clip leads, without it. I found out quickly why its helpful! If you don't have one (or elect not to use it), all the individual circuit boards slide around, bumping into each other, messing up the clip leads, and just generally being troublesome. The Motherboard holds them in place, and makes it easy to move even a connected project from one place to another without losing any connections-try that with 3 or 4 individual boards and about 8 clip leads.
This kit includes: - Motherboard - 1 set of 10 colour coded test leads - Hardware