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There is a lot of fun to build this kit and it can be used in a number of Amateur Radio projects. Not sure what to do with a VFO? Well, included with the VFO kits are schematics for a transmitter and receiver. Or use the VFO for your own projects. The circuit is a Clapp Oscillator and our designer is proud of his "triple-pot" circuit design. Two of the pots are trimmers, used to select the segment of the band that you want to tune. Select just the CW portion of the band, SSB portion or the entire band. The narrower slice of the band that you select, the finer the main tuning will be. Which can eliminate a costly ten turn pot, vernier dials etc. These are ideal VFO circuits for QRP rigs.
Tunes to from below 7.00 MHz. and up to about 7.300 MHz.. Included is information for making the circuit into a 30 meter VFO with some additional parts that you supply. Provision has been made for RIT/XIT offset. Buffered output; board size 1.6" x 3.0", 12V DC operation.