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Stock Number: 1125-QB1    $29.95
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Here's one of our stranger robots. The Night Popper waits until it gets dark and then it starts its random exploring. While it explores it sets off a brilliant almost firework display from its 3 white lamps and emits a crackling / popping sound from its on board piezo speaker. Features 2 small DC motors, 2 photodarlington transistors, a relay/CDS cell circuit and 4 drive transistors. The special bonus with this robot is that you get 2 snap off PC boards with 21 components that you solder in before building the robot. By doing this, the student can gain ample experience in soldering before building the Night Popper Robot. This is a great learning tool, and if you already know how to solder, just snap off the boards and build the Night Popper only.
Robot itself is 3 1/8 square. With the learn to solder boards attached the PC board is 4 square. Requires 2AA batteries and one 9V battery (batteries not included). Complete with all parts and instructions. Robot is for use on smooth hard surfaces (countertops, smooth wood floors, linoleum, etc.). Build this kit and you will amaze, entertain and mystify your cats, dogs and friends! Skill Level 1.