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SAYAL Electronics
SAYAL Electronics
Part No: CK203
Manufacturer: CANA KIT
Stock No: 2585-AG1
SKU No:205943
Stock Number: 2585-AG1    $61.95
ea. CAD
This dual digital panel meter measures and displays both voltage and current at the same time. It is ideal for measuring the voltage and current of your laboratory DC power supply. It includes two 4-digit 0.7" (18mm) high LED readouts. It can measure DC voltages from 0 to 99.9V (resolution of 0.1V) and DC currents from 0 to 5.00A (resolution of 10mA).
Supply voltage: 12V AC C.T. / 300mA. Two 4-digit 0.7" / 18mm 7-segment displays Voltmeter Range: 0 to 99.9V DC (resolution 0.1V DC) Ammeter Range: 0 to 5A (resolution 10mA)