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Part No: SAM-R-I
Manufacturer: JCM INVENTURES
Stock No: 1125-CG1
SKU No:209121
Stock Number: 1125-CG1    $79.95

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The JCM SAM r I Sumo Robot Kit is a powerful but user friendly and easy to build sumo wrestling robot. The SAM r I is a great kit for learning about the principles of electronic fabrication, programming, and mechanical design. Soldering and assembly required. Out of the box, it is a great minisumo robot, but may be also used as a competition line follower, soccer bot, or custom programmed to do whatever you like! It is immensely upgradeable and expandable. The kit contains over 40 quality components! The SAM r I ( Society Autonomous Minisumo Robot, Intelligent: pronounced SAMURI ) was designed at the outset to be easy to build, yet allow the builder to be involved in selecting gear ratios and building his/her own gearbox, bending and forming the metal chassis, soldering the circuit board, and customizing the robots own program.
  • Powerful, easy to use Atmel Mega8L processor
  • Provisions for Sharp GP2D02 or GP2D12 Rangefinder
  • L298 motor controller with up to 4A and 48V drive capacity
  • Convenient prototyping area with power
  • Full access to all I/O ports
  • Powerful 6AA battery pack (9V )
  • Dual down facing reflective sensors
    • Provided with a detailed 24 page illustrated instructional manual, including theory of operation and suggestions for robot enhancements.