Part No: 10-8880
Manufacturer: GC ELECTRONICS
Stock No: QPW-4926A
SKU No:211910
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$14.95 CAD
An uncured silicone rubber compound which is putty like in consistency. It remains flexible at low temperatures and does not melt, harden or bleed at high temperatures. It is chemically inert and has excellent moisture resistance. It is used for silicone rubber compounders in making up silicone rubbers of various types of durometer hardness. Can also be used for insulating high voltage connections to prevent corona discharge or arcing, waterproofing and insulating electrical connections to prevent corrosion an/or electrical leakage and sealing and gasketing applications where a non-hardening material is required. TYPICAL PROPERTIES: Color Clear Specific Gravity 1.00 Flash Point -156F Temperature Range -65F to 250F Dielectric Strength 550 v/mil. Dielectric Constant 3.03 SHELF LIFE, CLOSED CONTAINERS: 36 months