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Make Your Own Working Motor! This kit contains everything you need to make your own working motor. This simple motor is easy to put together using the comprehensive instructions. This hands-on kit teaches the fundamental principals of physics and how a motor works. How does it work? The answer to this question is actually simple physics, and makes this a great little science fair project or activity for the budding engineer. The key to the puzzle is missing information. Once you account for this, the workings of the motor become more apparent.
This kit demonstrates some of the principles of current, electromagnetism, kinetic energy, poles and magnetic attraction Current flows through the armature making it into a electromagnet. Itís a science classic that never disappoints a curious mind. The World's Simplest Motor comes with copper wire, magnet, armature pieces & battery holder and step-by- step instructions. It also includes a short explanation of a working motor. Requires one D battery (available separately).