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Part No: SMD2000
Manufacturer: CHIPQUIK
Stock No: QKW-7161
SKU No:225446
Stock Number: QKW-7161    $94.95
ea. CAD
SMD 2000 The contents of this kit consists of the latest solder/desolder products available. Each individual item has been carefully selected to fill your rework needs. Contents: (In durable plastic case) Chip Quik Removal Alloy SMD 4.5 (4.5 ft. removal alloy w/instructions) Solder Paste - no clean 63/37 rework solder paste w/flux in 1 cc syringe w/nozzle & cap.(trial size) Solder 3 ft. 63/37 2% silver .031 in. Chip Quik Paste flux - no clean flux in 1 cc syringe w/nozzle & cap. Used for solder/desolder. Liquid flux remover/cleaner - 5 cc container w/applicator. (non flammable) Probe kit - 4 stainless steel dental picks for SMD removal & placement. Solder wick - no clean - 5 ft. Handi Vac - SMD pick & place tool / w/tips Acid brush - qty. 2. Precision tweezers - for SMD removal & placement. Cleaning wipers - tight weave / low lint 4"x4" qty. 6 (for cleaning PC board). Swabs - double ended qty. 10. (for PC board clean up) Alcohol pads - qty. 6. (for PC board clean up) Chip Quik SMD removal & clean up instructions