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A very useful kit. Everybody has infra-red transmitters at home - TV remote, video remote, CD remote, etc. Use ANY infra-red remote to toggle this switch on or off. Relay output rated at 12VDC/10A or 240VAC/5A. This is an infra-red (IR) toggle switch which we believe will work with any button on any modern remote control module. Pushany button of your remote control unit and the relay in our Kit will turn on. Push any button a few seconds or hours later and the relay will toggle off. How It Works All modern IR remote control devices produce a continuous coded stream of pulses at 37.9 kHz when any button on the module is pressed. These IR pulses are detected and decoded by a receiver (your TV, VCR etc.) and the appropriate function activated. In our Kit the coded stream is converted into a single pulse and that single pulse is used to toggle a relay on & off. The coded information is lost. Only the fact that a button was pressed on your remote control unit is detected. This single pulse is then used to toggle the output of a flipflop. A high on the /Q output of the flip-flop turns on transistor Q3, which in turn operates the relay and the LED. The LED provides visual indication that the relay is operating.