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UPS 625VA 375W
Part No: VT-PRO625
Stock No: PNE-3713
SKU No:236769
Stock Number: PNE-3713    $129.95

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The Vesta Pro series is more than a traditional UPS. A CPU controlled design with built in AVR and smart communication interface, the Vesta Pro series provides reliable power protection with the added benefit of smart power management. The Vesta Pro series is the most cost effective solution in power protecting and power managing your mission critical PC, servers, small networks and valuable peripherals. Built-in AVR protects systems against voltage fluctuation. Smart Microprocessor Control Modem/LAN Internet Protection   DC Start Capability USB Compatible   AC Line Surge and Noise Filtering   UPS Self Testing   Smart Battery Management   Site Wiring Fault Indicator Overload & Short Circuit Protection
Vesta Pro 625