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Alligator Clips And Boots Butt And Other Special Terminals Cigarette Lighter Connectors Connector Audio 2.5mm Connector Audio 2.5mm 4 Conductor Connector Audio 3.5mm Connector Audio 3.5mm 4 Conductor Connector Audio 6.3mm Connector Banana Jack Connector Banana Plug Connector Binding Post Connector BNC Accessories Connector BNC Female Connector BNC Male Connector Bullet Connector Crimp FOR Jumper Wires Connector DB Crimp Type Connector DB Female PC Right Angle Connector DB Hardware Connector DB High Density Crimp Connector DB High Density PC Right ANG Connector DB High Density Solder Connector DB IDC Connector DB Male PC Right Angle Connector DB PC Straight Connector DB Solder Connector DC Power Jack Connector DC Power Jacks Centre Hole Connector DC Power Plugs Connector DC Power Plugs Centre PIN Connector DIN Circular Connector Disconnects Connector DVI Hdmi Mini Hdmi Connector IDC DIP Plug And Transition Connector IDC Female Connector IDC Male Connector JST Connector Mini DIN Circular Connector Mini UHF Male And Female Connector Modular Splice Connector Molex Header SIP Connector Molex Header SIP Polarized Connector Molex Kits SIP And DIP Housi Connector Molex Power Housing Kits Connector Molex SIP And DIP Housing Connector N Female Connector N Male Connector RCA Jack Connector RCA Plug Connector Simm Socket Connector SMA Connectors Connector SMB Male And Female Connector Spade And Hook Connector Speakon Male And Female Connector Super CON Electrical Miscell Connector Test Probes Connector TNC Female Connector TNC Male Connector UHF Connector/reducer/cap Connector Wire Nuts And Close Ends Connector XLR DB Hood 15pin DB Hood 25pin DB Hood 37pin DB Hood 9pin/15pin High Density DC Power Cable Assy Disconnect Adapters F Connectors Ferrules Grabber/tip Plugs And Jack Header DIP PC Right Angle Header DIP PC Straight Header Shrouded Header SIP Machine Pins Header SIP PC Right Angle Header SIP PC Straight Instant Connectors Microphone Connectors PIN Terminals Push-in Connectors Ring Terminal Insulated Ring Terminal Insulated Double Crimp Ring Terminal Uninsulated Ring Terminals And Others Assorted Shorting Jacks Socket DIP PC Straight Socket Dip/sip Wire Wrap Socket SIP Machine Type Socket SIP PC Straight Socket SIP Surface Mount Terminal Block Accessories Terminal Block DIN Rail Mount Terminal Block Double ROW Flush Mount Terminal Block Female Plug Terminal Block Flexible Type Terminal Block Header Socket Terminal Block Single ROW Terminal Block Single ROW RA Terminal Block Single ROW ST Terminal Block Weco Type Angled Terminal Block Weco Type Pcra Terminal Block Weco Type Pcst Terminal Strip Single ROW Trailer Cables USB Connectors Wire Clamps

Part No: MS16B-BLK
Stock No: GAA-161C-2
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