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The TinkerKit LCD module makes it really easy to write text on the screen in a few minutes. There are two unique ways to write to the screen:

  • plugged to a TinkerKit shield like any other TinkerKit module
  • stand-alone, directly connected to the USB port of your computer


The TinkerKit LCD module is equipped with its own micro-controller and run with its own library. Uploading the TKLCD code is just a matter of uploading a new sketch to the LCD using:

  • the four-connectors wire connected to the SERIAL port on the TK Shield 
  • a USB cable if it is standalone

To upload LCD firmware, go to Examples->TKLCD->Serial_firmware. Please note that the TinkerKit LCD will be recognize as an Arduino Leonardo board when you connect it to USB. You will need to load that code again if you want to have a fresh install of the LCD. Once uploaded, you are ready to go and write your own program.

Please notice that the way you connect your LCD module is really important for declaring it in your code:

  • use TKLCD_Serial lcd = TKLCD_Serial() if you connect it to the Serial of your TinkerKit Shield
  • use TKLCD_Local lcd = TKLCD_Local() if it is stand alone i.e connected to the USB port of your computer

In both cases, include the TKLCD, LiquidCrystal and Wire libraries.

TinkerKit LCD Side Two