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Watch your own fantastic Hover Racer skim smoothly
across the floor supported on its cushion of air.

Learn the science facts behind the hovercraft with this scientific model that will spark the interest the young and old alike. Get ideas for the next science fair. Enjoy the wonder of science and technology.

Made using safe and high quality materials, this product is designed to last. Give the gift of science with toys and gadgets that foster curiosity and encourage scientific learning.
  • Learn the science facts behind the hovercraft
  • It's a fun science project which supports the school curriculum
  • It's an ideal science-fair kit too
  • It is about 33cm long when built
  • 4 x AAA, 1.5 volt batteries, small crosshead (Philips) screwdriver are required.
  • Base panel
  • plastic skirt
  • arch template
  • duct template
  • battery compartment with switch and wires
  • battery compartment cover
  • motor stand
  • motor cover
  • attachment bar x 2
  • propeller
  • double sided adhesive tape
  • motor with wires
  • screws
  • reusable adhesive
  • terminal cap x 2
  • detailed instructions