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ESP-WROOM-32 development board WIFI+Bluetooth dual-core CPU low power

consumption ESP32 CP2102

Product Introduction

ESP-WROOM-32 is a universal Wi-Fi+BT+BLE MCU module with powerful functions and a wide range of uses.

It can be used for low-power sensor networks and demanding tasks, such as voice encoding, audio streaming and MP3 decoding, etc.

The core of this module is the ESP32-DOWDQ6 chip, which is scalable and adaptive.
The two CPU cores can be individually controlled or powered on. The adjustment range of the clock frequency is from 80MHz to 240MHz.
The user can cut off the power of the CPU and use the low-power coprocessor to continuously monitor the status change of the
peripherals or whether certain analog quantities exceed the interval value. ESP32 also integrates a wealth of peripherals,
including capacitive touch sensors, Hall sensors, low-noise sensor amplifiers, SD card interface, Ethernet interface,
high-speed SDIOSPI, UART, I2S and I2C.


1. The onboard CP2102 stable USB to TTL chip ensures the normal communication of the serial port.

2. Support automatic download, no need to manually switch download and operation mode.

3. Immersion gold craft.

4. Support development on Windows system (cygwin and msys32 simulation environment) and Linux system

5. Support ESP32

CPU andMemory

ESP32-DOWDQ6 has two built-in low-power Xtensa@32-bitLX6MCUs. On-chip storage includes: 448KB of ROM, used for program startup and
kernel function calls. 520KB on-chip SRAM for data and instruction storage. The 8KB of SRAM in the RTC, that is, the RTC slow memory,
can be accessed by the coprocessor in Deep-sleep mode. The 8KB of SRAM in the RTC, that is, the RTC fast memory, can be used for data
storage and accessed by the main CPU when the RTC is started in Deep-sleep mode. 1kbit eFuse, of which 256bit is dedicated to the system
(MAC address and chip settings); the remaining 768bit is reserved for user applications, these applications include Flash encryption
and chip ID.

ESP-WROOM-32 integrates 4MB SPI Fl ash.