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Tunable anywhere in standard FM band... 88 to 108 MHz Operates on 5 to 15 VDC Settable pre-emphasis 50 or 75 uSec for use anywhere in the world Easy to build, low cost transmitter, includes matching case set! Here is a great entry-level kit that will teach the basics of FM Broadcast Transmission while finding many uses around the home or dorm room. The FM10C has plenty of power to cover your home, back yard, or city block. Our manual goes into great detail outlining all the aspects of antennas, transmitting range and the FCC rules and regulations. You’ll be amazed at the exceptional audio quality of the FM10C. Tunes through the entire 88-108MHz band in three separate ranges with a tuned LC circuit. Re-broadcast your favorite music commercial free and with the dynamic range the musician intended, without all that nasty compression the big boys use to make their station sound louder than the competition. Compression produces a noticeably muddier and less dynamic sound.
Output 10 milliwatts.The unit runs on internal 9V battery, external power from 5 to 15 VDC, or an optional 120 VAC adapter is also available. Includes the matching case and knob set for a professional finished look. Case size 5"W x 1½"H x 5¼"D
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