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Stock Number: 1811-BJ1A    $118.95
ea. CAD
This starter kit is perfect for learning about arduino. It even includes the newest Arduino Uno Rev3 module! Kit Includes: •Getting Started with Arduino Book (1) •Arduino Uno Rev3 ATmega328 (1) •Solderless Breadboard 7" X 2.5" (1) •Switching Power Adapter 9V 650mA 6VA (1) •2.1 mm Power Breadboard Adapter (1) •LED Red 5mm (2) •LED Orange 5mm (2) •LED Yellow 5mm (2) •LED Green 5mm (2) •LED Multi RGB 4 Lead 5mm (1) •4.5VDC 12800RPM, 320mA Free DC Motor (1) •LDR(Light Dependent Resistor) CDS 5mm (1) •Trimpot 10K with knob (1) •100 ohm Resistors 1/4W 5% (10) •330 ohm Resistors 1/4W 5% (10) •1K Resistors 1/4W 5% (10) •10K Resistors 1/4W 5% (10) •Tactile Switches 2 pin (2) •Tilt Ball Switch 2 pin 6mA 24V 30 degree (1) •RFP30N06 N-Channel FET 30A 60V TO-220 (1) •1N4148 Switching Diodes (5) •Wire Jumper connection pin-pin 11cm (10) •Wire Jumper connection pin-pin 20cm (10) •Wire Jumper connection pin-hole 20cm (10) •USB 2.0 A-B programming cable 3ft (1)