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SAYAL Electronics
SAYAL Electronics
Part No: 76001
Manufacturer: TAMIYA
Stock No: 1511-DH3
SKU No:211295
Stock Number: 1511-DH3    $59.95
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Using the Solar Car Assembly is a great way to experiment with gear ratios and the angle and intensity of solar light. With three gear ratios, high speed (1.7:1), mid speed (2.2:1), and low speed (3.4:1), you can see the difference gear ratios make under different conditions. The ball-mounted solar panel allows you to angle the panel towards or away from the sun, showing how direct and indirect solar light can affect power. Experiment under a variety of conditions (sunny, cloudy, etc.) and different gear ratios.
Basic Specifications; Motor: Solar 01 Battery: Solar(0.5V?1200mA)